Matawi Serengeti Camp

Matawi Serengeti Camp

Each deluxe tent in Matawi Serengeti Camp replicates the style and glamour of vintage Africa, with its wooden floors, polished bathtubs, its outstanding furniture marvelously displayed on the hills of Serengeti with its abundant collection of one of the finest game viewing in Africa, the camp provides the best in luxury stay, combined with individual touches which comes alive with a spark of excellence.

Nested in the vast endless plains of Serengeti National Park, Matawi Serengeti Tented Camp is spectacularly situated on the edge of Topi Hill Seronera where guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the endless plains of Serengeti, this safari jewel combines both luxuries with the best of what a safari experience can offer, with our renowned group of professional and family-friendly staff we ensure an unforgettable memory in your groundbreaking adventure in Africa. We care for our clients and we want them to feel at home, your happiness brings joy to our hearts and we work tirelessly to ensure you can enjoy the dream safari you have always been wishing for.

Matawi Camp is a Luxury Camp located on top of the hill Seronera overlooking the spectacular views of the endless plains of the famous Serengeti National Park. Matawi Serengeti Camp consists of 7 comfortable and well raised en-suite tents reflecting the traditional building style with modern Comfort.

Tents are well decorated, elevated with raised platform and furnished with en-suite facilities that include; Bathroom with hot shower, Mini bars, Solar energy, Fireplace etc. Wi-Fi is also available for the guests. Tents have verandas, sitting areas and terraces where you can relax while overlooking the spectacular views of Serengeti Plains.

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